HDD XZ6600

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1. Introduction

The XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling machine is a one-piece fully self-loading design. It adopts advanced control technologies such as energy-saving circuit, hydraulic pilot control and load-sensing control, and the company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technology have reached the domestic advanced level. . The main components such as hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer and electrical control system are selected from domestic and foreign brand products with reliable quality.


2. Highlights

2.1 It adopts advanced control technologies such as energy-saving circuit, load-sensitive control and electro-hydraulic proportional control to save energy and reduce consumption, and operate flexibly and comfortably;

2.2 The gear rack is pushed and pulled, the transmission is stable and reliable, and the spindle of the power head floats to increase the service life of the drill rod thread;

2.3 The PE pipe elastic balance release technology effectively prevents equipment damage caused by the reaction force of the back-to-back pipeline and improves the reliability of equipment construction;

2.4 Wire-controlled proportional walking system ensures safe walking;

2.5 Multi-step stepless speed regulation system for mud flow, saving mud and reducing pollution;

2.6 The cab can be rotated 45° for improved operating comfort.


3. Product configuration

3.1 Engine rated power (kw / r / min): 2X565/1850

3.2 Maximum pushing force (kN): 6600

3.3 Maximum push-pull speed (m/min): 28

3.4 Rotational torque (N·m): 160000

3.5 Maximum speed (r/min): 90

3.6 Mud pump maximum flow (L/min): external

3.7 Mud pump maximum pressure (Mpa): 20

3.8 Drill pipe: diameter X length (mm X m): φ 194*9.6

3.9 Maximum entry angle (°): 16

3.10 Maximum re-expansion diameter (mm): 2000

3.11 Weight(t):58

3.12 Dimensions (mm): 18240X3000X3600


Remarks: Independent power station. Optional: Split operating box.

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