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Accurate Positioning Method Of Horizontal Directional Drill

November 15, 2021

Commonly used horizontal directional drilling steering positioning method is used to measure the angle and position information of the drilling tool while directional drilling underground. This method completes the measurement by setting up a sensing transmitting probe in the steering drilling tool, setting up a walking positioning tracker on the ground, and setting up a driller monitor on the drilling rig. The sensor transmitter probe is composed of an angle sensor, signal processing and transmission unit, solenoid coil, battery, etc., used to measure the inclination, face angle, temperature and other parameters of the drilling tool, and is transmitted to the ground in the form of wireless electromagnetic waves through the transmitter coil Location tracker.
The positioning tracker demodulates the parameters transmitted by the underground probe, and locates and fixes the depth according to the strength of the signal. The final result is transmitted wirelessly to the driller’s display to ensure the smooth operation of the driller. This method and instrument break through the limitations of traditional MWD instruments, integrate the two major functions of inclinometer and positioning, and greatly improve the intelligent level of drilling.

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