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Falcon F2 guidence detector

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Easy to use

Even with advanced positioning function, FALCON F2 still retains various functions of DIGIT RACK positioning system which users like. Examples include easy-to-read menus, TARGET STEERING, and angular-oriented migration. DCI’s BALL-IN-The-BOX sensor visualization patented technology can still provide real-time drilling status information to ensure that drilling operations do not deviate from the correct direction. The company provides world-class customer support.

Receiver specifications

Product serial number – —————————————————– FF2

Model – —————————————————————– FAR2

Acceptance Frequency———————————————– 4.5-45.0kHz

Telemetry Channel 1———————————————————– 4

To measure distance 2—————————————–Definition by remote display

Power supply————————————————— nickel-hydrogen batteries

Battery life – ——————————————————- 5 – 7 hours

Function – ————————————————————— Menu Driver

Controller – ———————————————————– Click on the switch

Image Display—————————————————– LCD

Audio output————————————————————— buzzer


Voltage and Current————- 14.4 volt DC (rated voltage), 300 mA (maximum current)

Size – —————————————————————– 27.94 X13.97 X38.1 cm

Weight (with batteries) —————————————————————- 3.4 kg

Technical Specification for FALCON Falcon Compact Display

Product serial number/model————————————————- FCD

Power supply————————————-nickel-hydrogen batteries

Battery life – ——————————————————- 12-24 hours

Voltage, current – ————– 12 – 30 volt DC (rated voltage), 150 mA (maximum current)

Controller – —————————————– Button

Image Display———————————————– LCD Display

Audio output—————————————————– buzzer

Telemetry Distance 2—————————————– 305 meters

Telemetry Channel 1 – ————————————— 4

Dimension 3——————————————————- 21.0X22.2X21.6cm

Weight – ————————————————————————- 2.1 kg

Sensor specifications

15 inch sensor

Product serial number————————————————— FT2

Model – ——————————————————— BTW

Sensing Frequency—————————————————— 4.5-45.0kHz

Depth Range 4———————————————30.5M

Data Range, MAX Mode 4 – —————————————– 38.1 M

Inclination accuracy 5 – —————————— – – + 0.1%, horizontal position

Battery life, alkaline/SuperCell batteries—————————– up to 20/70 hours

8 inch sensor

Clothing serial number————————————- FT2s

Model – ————————————— BTS

Sensing Frequency——————————————– 4.5-45.0KHz

Depth range 4——————————————— 7.6 meters

Data 20%, MAX mode 4 – —————————– 9.1 meters

Inclination accuracy 5 – ————————– – – + 0.1%, horizontal position

Battery life, 123 3 volt lithium battery – ———————– up to 12 hours


1. Frequency and power levels of local remote sensing can be accessed from the company website at www.digital-control.com.cn.

2. Remote sensing ranges can be proudly increased by selecting external receiving antennas

3. Dimensions do not include external fittings.

4. Range digit is based on SAE standard J2520. Actual range and battery life will vary according to different environment, drill casing and frequency.

6.Inclination resolution decreases with the increase of viewing angle. See the manual for details.

Sensor Drilling Tool Requirements

In order to obtain the maximum sensing range and prolong the battery life, the slot on the drill tool must meet the minimum length and width requirements, and the position must be correct. In order to obtain the best signal sensing ability and maximum battery life of DCI sensor, at least three slots should be opened at equal distance within the perimeter of drill shell. Check grooves Changdu must start from the inside of the drill tool, the width of each groove should be at least 1.6 mm (1/16 inch).

1. battery cover

2. groove position

3. front end cover

A slot length

B distance

C Sensor Length

Minimum A Maximum B C
15 inch broadband sensor 22.9 cm 2.5 cm  38.1 cm
8 inch broadband sensor 10.2 cm 2.5 cm 20.3厘米20.3 cm
Although the FALCON sensor can be compatible with the groove of the old sensor shell, the groove size shown in the A and B locks above is required to achieve the best performance.

DIGITRACK FALCON F2Introduction of Positioning System

This classic DIGITRACK FALCON F2 positioning system has won the reputation of “the main force” in directional drilling operation site, providing customers with reliable positioning capabilities. With the introduction of FALCON frequency optimization technology, DIGITRACK FALCON F2 has become a more powerful positioning system, using a frequency band sensor to solve the problem of active interference.

Active jamming

Interference is the main obstacle to the completion of horizontal directional drilling. The interference may also affect the accuracy of underground depth measurement. Whether the status system can work normally in the presence of interference has become a key factor to ensure that the operators can be efficient and complete their work on time.


Not all job sites are in the same condition.

The sources of interference vary from site to site. The transmission frequency of underground signal is an important factor affecting the working efficiency of positioning operators walking on the ground, so it is also an important factor affecting the completion of tasks.


* FALCON frequency optimization function helps to overcome active interference

* A FALCON broadband sensor can support multiple frequencies in the range of 4.5 kHz to 45 kHz.

* Infrared Pairing of Receiver and Sensor

* Accuracy of 0.1% dip angle to complete high precision drilling operation

* 12 position angle-oriented clock with phase angle offset function

* Maximum noise filtering mode (MAX mode) can increase fringe data and stabilize depth reading.

* The 15-inch sensor is more powerful for the industry’s best 30-metre depth and 38-metre data range

* Supports remote guidance on Falcon compact display FCD and target guidance with AURORA Aurora display [TARGETS TEERING]

* Compatible with DIGITRACK AURORA Aurora Touch Screen Display


Obtain quality assurance

For customers registered with the new FALCON sensor, DCI now provides a standard 3/500-hour guarantee for 15 and 19 inch sensors, whichever is due in advance.

Principle of DIGITRACK FALCON F2 Positioning System

FALCON F2 receivers retain the traditional menu system and adopt completely different methods to deal with the problem of interference on the job site. Unlike other positioning systems, FALCON Falcon Frequency Optimizer can scan noise in the frequency range of 4.5 kHz.

After the scan, a simple icon is displayed on the receiver to depict the noise level in seven bands. Select two bands with the lowest noise and pair the receiver with the FALCON Falcon band sensor. Operations in different interference areas can be switched between different frequency bands to stabilize data reading and complete drilling operations. For low-end interference, maximum noise filtering mode (MAX mode) can be used to achieve maximum efficiency.

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