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  • Second 2nd Hand Used Good Condition DCI Falcon F1 F2 F5 MAG Jindi Detector For Trenchless Project

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    Trenchless HDD Rig DigiTrak Falcon Drilling Detector Guider DCI F5 Locator
    Falcon F5 Function Introduction

    DigiTrak underground positioning system provides another new option with light structure and quick operation for complex HDD pilot hole construction. The compact design matches the good test and measurement range. The DigiTrak F5 underground positioning system has a range of 19.8 meters with 5 different frequencies and a three-dimensional positioning technology that represents DCI’s current characteristics.
    DCI produces a F5 positioning and guiding instrument system, which integrates all the functions of the lunar eclipse instrument, and adds tension test (need to purchase test equipment separately), flow test function (need to purchase test equipment separately), face angle offset setting, The clear data recording function is convenient for data recording and storage.
    Novel and lightweight body, streamlined appearance, powerful functions with 5 different frequencies, more options to overcome interference, up to 19.8 meters depth, and the frequency can be changed during underground construction at the same time, making the depth measurement more and more perfect, is A product you can trust and endure.
    The F5 underground positioning system can display the moving state of the drill bit in real time in the form of graphics. This feature can reduce or eliminate the dead time of the drilling rig as much as possible and improve the work efficiency of the pilot hole construction. At the same time, because the DigiTrak F5 underground positioning system also has the DCI target-in-box positioning method and a three-dimensional display data, it can quickly find the positioning position simply and intuitively.
    DigiTrak F5 underground positioning system signal receiver and remote display can simultaneously display the depth, pitch angle, roll angle, sensor operating temperature and sensor battery power and other parameters sent by the sensor, and both use DigiTrak rechargeable lithium battery pack as the system power supply , the time is longer.

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