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XCMG XZ400 HDD Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

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1. Introduction

The XZ400 HDD horizontal directional drilling machine is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. It adopts a number of advanced control technologies and proprietary technology of the company. The main performance parameters and control technology have reached the international advanced level. The main components such as hydraulic system, electrical system and transmission system are selected from domestic and foreign brand products with high reliability.

2. Technical characteristics

1) Powerful: It adopts 179kW diesel engine with turbine torque-increasing characteristics to ensure that the drilling machine can complete the pipe laying operation under various complicated geological conditions.
2) Two-speed power head: low speed operation during drilling and returning to ensure smooth construction; when the drill pipe is loaded and unloaded, the power head can accelerate sliding, reduce auxiliary time and improve work efficiency.
3) Steel track: It can adapt to all kinds of muddy roads.
4) Floating vise: The floating vise using our patented technology can effectively extend the service life of the drill pipe.
5) Rotatable console: Increase the operator’s field of view, reduce operator fatigue, and make the operation of the rig more simple and comfortable.
6) Simple operation: the power head rotates and the power head pushes and pulls separately, the whole machine is easy to operate, and the operator can master the rig operation through short time training.
7) Convenient maintenance: The hood design is reasonable, and the engine maintenance and hydraulic system are simple and convenient when replacing the filter element.

3. Detailed specification

Model: XCMG XZ400 HDD
Engine manufacturer: CUMMINS
Engine rated power: 179kW
Drag/feed: 400/400kN
Power head maximum torque: 14000N.m
Power head rotating speed: 0~104 r/min
Power head travel speed: 21m/min
Maximum reaming hole diameter: Φ900mm
Drill pipe length (single root): 3m
Drill pipe diameter: φ83mm
Landing angle: 10-23°
Maximum mud flow: 450 L/min
Maximum mud pressure: 8Mpa
Total Weight: 11500kg
Dimension: 7080X2450X2450mm
XCMG XZ400 HDD Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

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