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Key Points of HDD Machine Mud Blending

August 18, 2021

xcmg xz420e hdd machine

xcmg xz420e hdd machine

A successful trenchless project requires not only high-performance equipment, but also construction skills. Among them, the mud deployment is very important. The mud mixing determines the success of the wall fixing and whether the drill pipe of HDD MACHINE can rotate smoothly. The following introduces some special geological mud mixing tips.
1. Clay
When the underground soil meets the clay, it is often viscous, and it is easy to lock the drill pipe or back expander of HDD MACHINE. When mixing mud, bentonite should not be too much. The mixing ratio is about adding 10-20 kg of bentonite per cubic meter of water, and adding a certain amount of caustic soda. Caustic soda plays a role in dispersing viscosity. The specific amount is appropriate, you need to observe the rotation torque on the HDD MACHINE meter. The rotation torque needs to be approximately the same as the torque required for ordinary earthwork.
2. Sand
When the underground soil meets the sandy soil, the underground pipeline tends to collapse easily due to its poor viscosity. Once the pipeline collapses, the entire project will fall short. Therefore, the deployment of mud is particularly important. In general, increase the viscosity of the bentonite as a criterion, and increase the proportion of bentonite. The adjusted viscosity should be brought to 90 seconds.

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