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    • Description

    Xdn1000HL slurry balanced pipe jacking machine

    Technical specifications

    Advantages (Highlights) of XDN1000H-L slurry balanced pipe jacking machine

    1. Small size of working well:

    The starting well size is Φ 3750 mm, and the receiving well size is Φ 3200 mm.

    1. Higher reliability:

    Hydraulic overflow overload protection system, working more safe and reliable;

    The hydraulic oil pipe replaces the power cable and has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

    1. Higher construction efficiency:

    The hydraulic motor has high output torque, high speed and fast construction speed;

    Double pump confluence, idle speed up to 1000mm / min, construction waiting time is short.

    1. Higher security:

    Domestic unique 24 V low-voltage console, safe operation;

    The patented shell rectification sealing structure has good sealing effect and long service life;

    The main shaft adopts multiple combined seal, which is safer and more reliable.

    1. Better operability:

    The cutterhead speed and jacking speed can be stepless adjusted, and the equipment has better maneuverability and strong formation adaptability.


    1、 Technical introduction

    2、 Main technical parameters

    3、 Details of main accessories

    4、 Overall appearance and transportation

    Technical specifications

    Product model: xdn1000h-l slurry balanced pipe jacking machine

    Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

    Xdn1000h-l slurry balance pipe jacking machine is a split design, including the head, main jacking device, main roof pumping station, operation console and electric control cabinet, etc. It adopts many advanced control technologies such as PLC control, display screen visual operation and our company’s proprietary technology. The main performance parameters and control technology have reached the international advanced level.Hydraulic system, reducer, electrical control system and other major components are selected from domestic and foreign famous brands, with reliable quality.

    1、 Technical introduction

    1 Head

    The head includes cutter head, shell, power device, mud feeding and discharging device, deviation correction system and electrical detection and control system.The standard secondary crushing device can meet the construction requirements of pebble stratum.

    Parameter specification of xdn1000h-l handpiece

    Output torque 68kN · M

    The output speed is 4.2r/min

    The maximum correction angle is 3 degrees

    Diameter of mud pipe: Φ 75mm

    The working quality is 5.5t

    2 Main roof device

    Xdn1000h-l adopts double oil cylinder jacking, sliding jacking iron and block clamping groove design, which can realize multi-stage jacking and small working well size.

    Jacking force 1500KN × 2

    Jacking stroke 1200mm × 2

    Overall width 2225 mm

    Overall length 3310 mm

    The working quality is 4.6t

    3. Main roof pumping station

    The hydraulic pump station provides power for the head cutter and the main jacking device, which can realize the forward and reverse rotation of the cutter head, the deviation correction of the machine head, the opening and closing of the mud valve and the expansion and contraction of the main jacking oil cylinder.With hydraulic oil radiator, it can meet the requirements of high-speed construction in high-temperature areas, and ensure that the hydraulic oil temperature is controlled in a reasonable range.

    Effective volume of hydraulic oil tank 600L

    Rated power of rotating motor 30KW

    Rated power of jacking motor is 7.5 + 30kW

    Rated voltage AC380V (three phase, 50 Hz)

    The working quality is 2.2t

    4, console

    According to the pipe jacking machine construction technology, the application of advanced PLC control technology, the use of large display, easy to observe.It has a built-in monitor, which is convenient to observe the target.

    It can monitor and alarm the parameters such as phase loss detection, pressure monitoring, current monitoring and oil temperature, so as to effectively protect the safety of the machine and construction.


    Display OMRON

    Rated voltage DC 24 V

    Working mass 200kg

    5Electric control cabinet

    Control power supply system related circuit breaker, stable performance and reliable quality.

    The input voltage of the whole machine is AC380V (three-phase, 50 Hz)

    Cutter head motor power 30KW

    Main roof motor power 7.5kw

    The power of mud feeding motor is 7.5kW

    Sludge discharge motor power 11kw

    High pressure water pump 11kw (optional)

    Submersible pump 2.2 kW (optional)

    Working mass 250kg

    2、 Main technical parameters

    project parameter
    nose Rated output torque 68kN.m
    Rated output speed 4.2r/min
    Number of correction cylinders 3set
    Single cylinder thrust 633kN
    Deviation correction cylinder stroke 36mm
    Maximum correction angle 3 degrees
    Outer diameter × length Φ1220mm×3025mm
    weight 5.5t
    Main roof device thrust 1500kN×2
    Maximum propulsion speed 1150mm/min
    Transport dimensions 3310mm×2225mm×1350mm
    weight 4.6t
    Working well (2m pipe) Starting well size Φ4000mm
    Receiving well size Φ3200mm
    pumping station Rotating motor power 30kW
    Power of main roof motor 7.5+30kW
    Maximum pressure 31.5MPa
    Dimensions 1820mm×1600mm×1770mm
    weight 2.2T
    Console input voltage DC24V
    Overall dimensions 1110mm×800mm×1350mm
    weight 0.2T
    Electric control cabinet Input voltage of the whole machine AC380V (three phase)
    working frequency 50Hz
    Overall dimensions 1000mm×500mm×1600mm
    weight 0.25T


    3、 Configuration of main components

    project Manufacturer
    Cutter head reducer Xugong Group
    Cutter head motor Eaton, USA
    Cutter head pump Shanghai high pressure oil pump factory
    Main jacking pump Shanghai high pressure oil pump factory
    tool Jiangzhuang / ruizuan
    Main valve Xugong Group
    PLC Omron, Japan
    monitor Omron, Japan
    electric machinery South Anhui
    Cylinder Xugong Group

    4、 Overall appearance and transportation


    Head transport size: φ 1220 mm × 3025 mm

    Head transport mass 5.5t

    XCMG xdn1000 pipe jacking equipment

    XCMG xdn1000 pipe jacking equipment

    2.Main roof device

    Transportation dimension of main roof device: 3310 mm × 2225 mm × 1350 mm

    The transportation quality of main jacking device is 4.6t

    xdn1000 Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    xdn1000 Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    3.Main roof pumping station

    Transportation dimension of main top pumping station 1820 mm × 1600 mm × 1770 mm

    The transportation quality of main roof pumping station is 2.2t

    xdn1000 Pipe Jacking Machine manufacturer

    xdn1000 Pipe Jacking Machine manufacturer



    Operation and transportation size 1110 mm × 800 mm × 1350 mm

    The transport weight of the console is 200kg

    xdn1000 Pipe Jacking Machine supplier

    xdn1000 Pipe Jacking Machine supplier


    5.Electric control cabinet

    The transport dimension of electric control cabinet is 1000mm × 500mm × 1600mm

    The transport weight of electric control cabinet is 250kg

    XDN1000 XCMG

    XDN1000 XCMG


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