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    XCMG XDN800 Pipe Jacking Machine

    Technical data

     XDN800 Pipe Jacking Machine advantages introduction

    1.Powerful, high strength and strong torque.

    2.Perfect breaking ability: large diameter cone breaking device is secondary crusher.

    3.Good sealing performance: reliable and long service life.

    4.Accurate construction: accurate correction and safety.

    5.Intelligentization: ground central control helps to operate remotely and visual

    6.High efficiency working: easy operation, quick jacking speed and less ground subsidence.

     I.XCMG XDN800 pipe jacking machine Technical introduction 

    II.Main technical dataof pipe jacking machine

    III.Main accessories list of XCMG XDN800

    IV.Overall dimension and transportation

    XDN800 Pipe Jacking Machine Technical data

    Model: XDN800 Pipe Jacking Machine

    Manufacturer:  Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Company

    XDN800 Pipe Jacking Machine is designed split, including power unit, mud system, and grouting system. Adopting PLC control, visually operation on display screen, and other proprietary technology of XCMG to meet fairly high technical level in China. Specially chosen and reliable brands of hydraulic system, reducer and electrical control system.


    1. Technical introduction

    1.Machine nose

    Modular design, easy assemble and disassemble; reliable powerful torque reducer; replaceable cutter head is to meet different construction requirements.

    Suitable soil: clay, sand and gravel(different choices could be made according to different soil)

    Cutting: full section

    Jacking diameter: Φ800 mm

    Machine’s outer diameter×length: Φ1000×2950mm

    Cutter head motor power: 15kW×1 unit

    Maximum torque: 29.2 kN.m

    Cutter head rotation speed: 4.9r/min

    Correction cylinder quantity: 4

    Correction cylinder thrusting power: 480kN/unit

    Correction angle: 3°

    Thrusting speed: 0-200mm/min

    Power unit rated power:16.5kW

    Machine nose weight: 6000kg


    2.Main jacking device

    Dual cylinder jacking, independently jacking iron. Reliable and efficient.

    Main jacking cylinder push power: 3200kN

    Stroke: 1100mm


    3.Mud system

    Inlet pump and outlet pump of mud are both wear-resisting and powerful, satisfying mud inlet and outlet both for working well and machine.

    Inlet pump: motor power 15kW

    Outlet pump: motor power 15kW

    Inlet pump pipeline:100mm

    Outlet pump pipeline:133mm

    Immersible pump: 5.5kW

    4.Grouting system

    Independent grouting system, lubricate machine nose and pipe outer surface.

    Immersible pump: 2.2kW

    II.Main technical parameters

     item unit
    Machine Nose  Jacking Diameter Φ800mm
    Outer Diameter×Length Φ1000×2950mm
    Cutter Motor Power 15kW
    Number Of Motors 1 unit
    Torque 29.2kN﹒m
    Rotary Speed 4.9r/min
    Correction Appliance Cylinder Thrust(Single ) 480kN
    Number of Cylinders 4 unit
    Correction Angle
    Motor Power 1.5kW
    Pipe Diameter Of Mud Inlet 100mm/ outlet 133mm
    Total Power 16.5kW
    Weight 6000kg
    Main jacking Cylinder  thrusting 3200kN
     jacking speed 0~200mm/min
    stroke 1100mm
    quantity 2 unit

    Mud system


    Inlet mud pump


    Motor power

    Outlet mud pump Motor power 15kW


    III.Main accessories 

    Name Manufacturer
    Reducer Bonfiglioli, Italy
    Hydraulic components Chinese brand
    Mainshaft bearing Chinese brand
    Mainshaft XCMG
    PLC Controller Mitsubishi, Japan
    Inclinometer Germany
    Camera head Chinese brand


    IV.Overall dimension and transportation

    Machine nose transportation dimension Φ1000mm×2950mm

    Machine nose transportation weight 6000kg


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