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    XCMG XDN500 FRP GRP Fiberglass Microtunnel Micro tunnelling Pipelay Boring Trenchless Slurry Balance Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    I Performance &Characteristics of XCMG XDN500

    1.Small space:The design of light weight and compact disassembled structure make the space occupation smaller which can greatly reduce the impact on road traffic.

    2.Visual remote control:In the process of jacking, operator in the operating room can real-time monitor the whole construction process and accurately master the exact cutting speed,travel path and work conditions, etc., which is to realize visualization of remote control.

    3.Rock breaking ability:The pipe jacking can break rock hardness up to 300MPa with conical butterfly hob.

    4.Eccentric cone crusher:The special design of large eccentric cone crusher can improve the working efficiency with secondary crushing.

    5.Stepless speed control:According to various construction conditions, the operator can control the speed of jacking cylinders and the flow of slurry by adjusting the frequency converter, which makes great adaptability and safety.


    II Technical Specification of XDN500 Micro tunnelling pipe jacking machine

    Product mode:XDN500 slurry balance pipe jacking machine

    Manufacturer:Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

    XDN500 Microtunnel slurry balance pipe jacking is split design, including articulated shield, jacking rig, main jacking station, operator’s station and electric control cabinet, etc. using PLC control, display visualization and other advanced control technologies with the company’s proprietary technology, the main parameters and control technologies have reached the international advanced level. The main components including hydraulic system, gear reducer, electrical control system with reliable quality are imported from internationally famous manufactures

    III XCMG Pipelay Boring machine Technology Introduction

    1.Articulated shield

    Modular design is convenient for dismantling and transport; Adopting special powerful gear reducer, with a minimum volume, maximum output torque; Feed & slurry discharge system is equipped with a bypass valve and the bypass valve inside or outside pipe. Controlling each bypass valve is not only to meet feeding slurry and slurry discharge of in working shaft and machine, but also be able to feed slurry through outside pipe to meet the need of construction.

    Rated power :22kW

    Rated voltageAC220V(three-phase60Hz)

    Rated output torque:15.3kN·m

    Rated output speed:13.7r/min

    Maximum steering angle: 3°

    Slurry line diameter:3in


    2.Jacking rig

    XDN500 pipe jacking machine adopts two main jacking cylinders, sliding jacking iron and stopper &grooves design which can realize grading jacking.

    Stroke ofjacking: 760mm×2

    Overall width:1585 mm

    Overall length: 2260 mm


    3.Main jacking pump station

    The motor of main jacking station can realize stepless speed adjustment. The application of hydraulic confluence technology improves the efficiency of jacking rig.

    Combinational pump: HAWE RZ8.4/2-21

    Maximum pressure: 35MPa

    Work weight: 700kg

    Rated power: 7.5kW

    4.Operator’s station

    Pipe jacking adopts advanced PLC control technology and 15-inches large display screen, easy to observe. By the parameters of phase detection, pressure detection, current detection, by-pass valve limit detection, etc. to monitor and alarm which effectively protect the machine and the safety of the construction.

    PLC: Omron

    Rated voltageAC220V(three-phase60Hz)

    Work frequency: 60Hz

    5.Electronic control container

    Controlling the relevant circuit of the power supply system, main jacking station frequency converter, feed &slurry discharge frequency converter and each electromagnetically operated valve. Performance is stable and quality is reliable quality.

    The whole input voltageAC220V(three-phase60Hz)

    Articulated shield motor power22kW

    Machine pump motor power: 0.18kW

    Main jacking motor power: 7.5kW

    Feed slurry motor power: 5.5kW

    Slurry discharge motor power: 11kW

    Work weight: 100kg

    IV XCMG XDN500 Main Technical parameters

    Items Parameters
    Articulated shield Speed reducer Rated power 22kW
    Rated voltage AC220V(three-phase)
    Rated output torque 15.3kN.m
    Rated output rated speed 13.7r/min
    Steering Number of steering cylinders 3set
    Force per cylinder 220kN
    Stroke per steering cylinder 18mm
    Max. steering angle
    Articulated shield size Φ715mm×2950mm
    Weight 2.85t
    Jacking rig Weight 2.8t
    Thrust 1000kN×2
    Max.drive speed 160mm/min
    Transportation size 2260×1585×1070mm
    Shaft dimensions Launch shaft dimensions Φ2540mm
    Reception shaft dimensions Φ1540mm
    Main jacking station Power 7.5kW
    Maximum pressure 35MPa
    Weight 700kg
    Operation station Overall size 860mm×825mm×1395mm
    The whole input voltage AC220V(three-phase)
    Work frequency 60Hz
    Electric control cabinet Overall size 1500mm×430mm×1800mm
    The whole input voltage AC220V(three-phase)
    Work frequency 60Hz

    V.XCMG XDN500 slurry balance pipe jacking machine main part configuration

    Name Manufacturer
    Speed reducer XCMG
    Main pump German HAWE
    Auxiliary pump German HAWE
    Cutting knives Japanese HANNANTEX
    The machine hydraulic pumping station German HAWE
    Converter Taiwan Shihlin
    PLC Japanese OMRON
    Frequency control motor WANNAN MOTOR
    Hydraulic value of main jacking station German Rexroth
    Hydraulic tachometer German HONSBERG


    VI. The machine appearance and transportation

    1.Articulated shield

    000xdn500 FRP microtunnel machineTransportation dimension of articulated shieldφ715mm×2950mm

    Transportation weight of articulated shield2.85t

    1. Jacking rig

    00xdn500 pipe jacking machine

    1. Main jacking station
    fiberglass microtunel machine factory

    fiberglass microtunel machine factory

    1. Operation’s station
    pipe boring machine factory

    pipe boring machine factory


    1. Electric control cabinet
    Slurry Balance Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    Slurry Balance Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    VII.More photos

    xdn500 GRP microtunnel machine

    xdn500 GRP microtunnel machine

    xdn500 fiberglass microtunel machine

    xdn500 fiberglass microtunel machine

    xdn500 pipe boring machine

    xdn500 pipe boring machine

    xdn500 Slurry Balance Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Slurry Balance Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    xdn500 Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    xdn500 Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    Micro tunnelling pipe machine

    Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    Rock Pipe Jacking Machine

    Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

    Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking Machine

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