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  • Falcon F2 Broadband Sensor Positioning System for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

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    Even with advanced positioning function, FALCON F2 still retains various functions of DIGIT RACK positioning system which users like. Examples include easy-to-read menus, TARGET STEERING, and angular-oriented migration. DCI’s BALL-IN-The-BOX sensor visualization patented technology can still provide real-time drilling status information to ensure that drilling operations do not deviate from the correct direction. The company provides world-class customer support.
    Falcon F2 Broadband Sensor Positioning System for Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

    Introduction to Falcon F2 Positioning System

    This classic DigiTrak Falcon F2 positioning system has earned a reputation as a “workhorse” on the Horizontal directional drilling job site, providing customers with reliable positioning capabilities, and with the introduction of Falcon frequency optimization technology, the DigiTrak Falcon F2 has become an even more powerful positioning system. , solves the problem of active interference with a wideband sensor.
    Active Interference
    Interference is one of the main obstacles to the completion of horizontal directional drilling tasks. Interference may also affect the accuracy of underground depth measurement. Whether the positioning system can work normally in the presence of interference has become a key factor in ensuring that operators can complete operations efficiently and on schedule. a key factor.
    Not All Job Site Conditions Are The Same
    The interference source of each job site is different. The transmission frequency of the underground signal is an important factor affecting the work efficiency of the positioning operator walking on the ground, so it is also an important factor affecting the operator’s completion of the task.

    Product Description

    Falcon F2 System with FCD Display measures jobsite noise and clearly displays several bands of the quietest transmitter frequencies to select from. Falcon F2 enables an operator to choose two of the best bands of frequencies and complete more HDD projects at greater depths in the noisiest environments.
    – The DigiTrakFalcon Frequency Optimizer measures active interference found at any jobsite, every day, every time
    – Provides two frequency bands optimized for each bore
    – A single, wide band frequency transmitter supports the use of hundreds of frequencies between 4.5 kHz and 45 kHz
    – Pair two optimized frequency bands in one with a single transmitter using an IR port
    – Seamlessly boosts data range and stabilizes depth readings in extreme interference with Max Mod
    – 0.1% pitch resolution
    – Increased power provides 100 ft.(30 m) depth and 125 ft. (38 m) data range
    – Supports both Roll Offset and Target Steering
    – Compatible with the DigiTrak Aurora
    – Features the widest range of frequencies in the industry
    – Analyzes active interference at every jobsite
    – Provides nine bands of optimized frequencies to help avoid active interference
    – Uses the most powerful 15-inch transmitter available
    Active interference is one of the primary obstacles to completing HDD projects. It blocks a locating system from receiving data that enables a crew to navigate the drill head. It can also impair the accuracy of depth measurements. The ability of a locating system to perform well in interference has become a crucial factor in maintaining productivity and completing jobs on time.DCI has taken a revolutionary approach to tackling active interference. DigiTrakFalcon receivers analyze jobsite interference across hundreds of frequencies, then group the best frequencies into each of nine bands. You choose the two best bands-every bore, every day. Using frequencies tailored to every bore, you’ll complete more challenging HDD projects at greater depths-with just one wideband transmitter.
    F2 Falcon System with FCD Display comes with:Falcon F2(FAR2)receiver, Falcon Compact Display (FCD),15″FTW wideband transmitter,Li-lon/NIMFH F Series Battery Charger, three FBP Li-lon battery packs, operator’s manual on USB flash drive, 13″BNC antenna and DCl jobsite carry case.

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