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    Fly cut back reamer

    Fly cutter reamers are spoke reamers used to grind compact soil. Due to this reamer’s design, the anticipated torque will remain low. This reamer is often used in combination with a barrel reamer for multiple reaming steps. The overlapping teeth and nozzles ensure optimal cutting.

    Comes equipped with:

    • Welded tungsten carbide hardfacing.
    • 2 7/8 PAC box and a 2 7/8 PAC pin on the backside.
    • ¼ NPT stainless steel nozzles and 1/2″ carbide nozzles

    Tungsten carbide welded teeth or exchangeable pick points.
    Principal axis with API Box / custom pin connector.

    Designed for use in: sand, soft soils and cobble

    YICHAO Fly Cutter Back Reamers are ideal for mixed ground conditions, large openings allow cobbles to pass with great mixing action.

    Ideal for clay and abrasive soil conditions

    • Carbide Shark Teeth grind through tough ground conditions
    • Additional hardfacing for extra-wear protection
    • Stabilizing ring to provide clean smooth hole
    • ridged design for longevity
    • carbide teeth
    • 1/4″ water ports
    • hard facing throughout body
    • designed to fit: Vermeer®, Ditch Witch®, American Augers®, Straightline® XCMG®

    Fly cut back reamer


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